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Technology at the tip

Thanks to a new optical element, we can realize 3D endoscopes with only one single image sensor, thus further reducing the diameter of 3D endoscopes with high image quality.

This structural peculiarity has been confirmed by the US Patent and Trademark Office and published on May 30, 2017 under the patent number US 9661990 B2.

The new optical element consists of a prism body with deflecting prisms and a swivel-mounted mirror. When using this system, the beam path necessary for recording images is kept short; the mirror provides the optimal illumination of the image recording chip. The high resolution is achieved by projecting the appropriate left and right image onto the complete recording area of the image sensor.

With this invention we can open up further fields of applications. Thin 3D endoscopes with Chip-in-Tip (CIT) technology and high image quality will make this possible. By this we will not only strengthen our competitiveness, but also underline our commitment to be the technology leader in 3D endoscopy.