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SCHÖLLY optimizes the Supply chain and invests in new production capacities

The extraordinarily successful development of SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMBH in the past years, and the steadily growing demand resulting from it, enables new investments. In order to align the company with this growth, SCHÖLLY has taken measures for optimizing its Supply Chain in consideration of a so-called End-to-End approach - from customer to customer. In this context, the first measures for increasing capacity have been implemented in the production in Denzlingen and Bulgaria. In addition, for the first time the Supply Chain has been combined into a continuous, uniform group-wide responsibility.



One-Piece-Flow production triples production capacity

To achieve a quicker lead time, to run production more strongly oriented to demand, and to be able to react more flexibly to customer wishes, SCHÖLLY has switched over parts of the production to One-Piece-Flow production at its site in Denzlingen. With this system, the individual product runs through all necessary production steps without interim storage. The production workplaces are set up so that they can quickly adapt to further variations.
In the area of camera production, for example, SCHÖLLY was able to use this process to triple production capacity.


news_schoelly_investiert_03.jpgMORE PRODUCTION CAPACITIES

Expansion to 8,000 sqm at Bulgarian site

In order to meet increased customer demand, SCHÖLLY has expanded its production in Bulgaria. In the first step, the production area was doubled to 8,000 m2. The complete building, totaling 12,000 m2, now also offers space for a modern clean room, in which the sterile products will be produced. The new production site has been in operation since December 2018. The products will be transferred to the additional location in the next few months. The measures have had positive effects on, for example, the production of laparoscopes. It became possible to double the weekly output for this product line. At the Bulgarian site, production is carried out with the same standards as in Denzlingen. The flexible production philosophy formed the basis here as well. With increased production capacity and optimized processes, SCHÖLLY improves efficiency in the Supply Chain and can thus sustainably support the growth of its customers.


news_schoelly_investiert_04.jpgEND-TO-END – FROM CUSTOMER TO CUSTOMER

Supply Chain as central lever for increased performance

The integration of new production philosophies and the creation of new production capacities are important conditions for SCHÖLLYs End-to-End approach. This stipulates that all procedures from customer needs to the provision of services are coordinated as well as possible and are aimed at the customer. SCHÖLLYs Supply Chain is considered the central lever here. For the first time, the responsibility for this coordination has been combined, uniformly and group-wide.


news_schoelly_investiert_05.jpgVICE PRESIDENT SUPPLY CHAIN

SCHÖLLY focuses on a group-wide Supply Chain

Dr. Rolf Winterhoff has been Vice President Supply Chain at SCHÖLLY since April 2019. He is responsible for optimization of the Supply Chain worldwide and reorganization of the processes involved in it, in accordance with the End-to-End approach.